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Hand picked by Disney!

One of only 30 artists globally, our great friend and all-round nice guy Mr. Senko Takahashi has just been chosen as the ONLY Japanese official Disney Artist!

Discover signed, limited edition prints of Senko Takahashi's fabulous 'Bijinga' artworks here at ALEXCIOUS:

Series 1:

Series 2:

Autumn colors at Christmas!

The view from the bridge that links our office to the Midtown building. How pretty is that for the center of the Tokyo at Christmas (nearly)?

Bye, bye Kominka...

My part-time home and full-time restoration project of the last 5 years has been sold!

Built in the Edo-Period, my beautiful kominka was built and owned previously by several generations of the local Kanushi san. It is quite rare in the Boso area due to the large size of the keyaki and cedar timbers from which it is built. As opposed to houses in Nagano ken, for instance, that need thick roof timbers to support the weight of large amounts of snow, it rarely snows and almost never collects in this area... I’m going to miss you... 

Kan-ga-an ( 閑臥庵 ) in Kyoto

Shojin Tempura at Kan-ga-an in Kyoto. 閑臥庵京普茶懐石の野菜の天麩羅

Kira Kira

Started the season of Kira Kira...